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5 Must Have Softwares When Starting Photography 

So you want to start a photography business? Well, you’re in the right place. I was in your shoes just a short while ago. There are innumerable resources, tons to invest in and honestly, the internet’s well of info can be overwhelming. I remember feeling intimidated by all these new softwares I had never seen before and all the options to choose from. Did I want to edit in Lightroom? Did I want to edit in photoshop? How much could I afford to invest? What was going to be worth the money? I believe that in order to get started there are five main softwares that I would 100% recommend you get. 

Photo Mechanic

Imagine this with me. You’ve got your camera. You just finished your first session, but now it’s time to choose what photos to edit. You took over 800 and only promised 100 to the client. I guess it’s time to get culling. Now, you can totally cull inside lightroom, inside the SD card or on an external hard drive. The question is: how much money is your time worth? Photo mechanic is a culling software that allows you to quickly organize your RAW photos without any buffering. On top of that, it allows you to batch meta-data for SEO and it syncs with Lightroom. It has cut my culling time over half, leaving more time to pay attention to more important aspects of my business. 

Lightroom and photoshop

If you are a photographer, you will need editing software. The two main editing softwares today are both Adobe products: lightroom and photoshop. Most photographers use these in tandem by doing the bulk of their editing in Lightroom and fine-tuning in photoshop. When it comes to your photography business you can’t skirt around editing. Adobe regularly puts out updates, has the leading technology for photo AI and is extremely affordable. 


Next, you’ll need some way to send your photos. There are quite a few options to do this but my favorite is Pic-Time. Being the digital age, many clients do not care if they get a USB of their gallery. A digital gallery allows for easy access, sharing and purchasing prints directly through you! When it comes to Pic-Time, there are three main things I love. First, it’s price is amazing. For $204 a year you can have hosting of up to 100gb of photos. This is a steal compared to other sites. Second, the gallery customization is fantastic. You can change colors, fonts and order it into categories. Meaning, I can deliver a gallery that is separated into the parts of the day. I can also customize how I want my client to download or access their gallery by password protecting, requiring an email for download, etc. Third, you can create a custom portfolio to send to clients that highlight only the specific galleries and photos you want it to. Therefore, even if you don’t have a website, you can professionally display your work! 


With all the amazing work you have to showcase, I bet you’ll be getting more clients. That’s where Honeybook will come in. Your photography business needs organization in order to function. Honeybook is the all in one client management software that will save you stress, money and time. I use this software for everything: 

  • Client contact
  • Email templates
  • Contract
  • Automated workflows for various session types
  • Billing
  • An inquiry form that’s integrated into my website
  • Community with other creatives (including getting local job opportunities) 

Honeybook is hands down the best money I have spent for my business sanity. If you are interested in joining the Honeybook family you can use this code to get 50% off for your first year. Only $200 for an entire YEAR of this powerhouse software. 


Last but not least, you want to be legally and financially legit. The easiest way to maintain your business finances and track everything you are spending is with Quickbooks Self-Employed. Taxes can be really intimidating, but they don’t have to be. Quickbooks syncs up with your bank account and allows you to easily categorize, upload receipts and share your info with a tax professional at the end of the fiscal year. Normally $15 a month, but with this code is 50% off of your first year. All in all this will save you so much time and stress. Don’t wait to get this one because back logging all your transactions is not fun (trust me, I had to). 

You’ve got all the tools to begin your journey, sweet friend. I’m praying you have a smooth ride and enjoy the process. There is a lot to learn but I promise it’s worth it. 

All my heart,



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