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I’m Reagan Suitt, a Riverside based intimate wedding + elopement photographer, wifey and content creator with a passion for supporting women through the crazy seasons of dating, engagement and marriage. 

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Hi Sweet Friends! 

I am overwhelmed with joy to officially introduce myself and the heart behind Reagan Suitt Photos. Whether you have been following me for a while or just stumbled across my site, welcome home. 

Reagan Suitt Photos wasn’t something I expected to create and I have to share a little bit of backstory in order to paint the full picture, so bear with me. At the end of 2018 I was working as a Starbucks supervisor and attending CSU, San Bernardino. I had one full year left of my English degree and had been married to my husband Doug for almost 6 months. For the previous two years I had been questioning my place in University and had no clear direction. Have you ever found yourself in a season like that? Feeling a little confused as to why you are doing the things you are doing. Well, one day while praying I felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to quit my job. There had been only a handful of times before this that I had felt God so clearly direct me, but I was terrified. I brought $16,000 of debt into my marriage. I was still going to school and paying out of pocket. My grades weren’t suffering, so quitting didn’t make sense. Well my friends, I did it anyway. If there is one thing I have learned in life, it’s that God’s call doesn’t always seem logical. Oftentimes, it makes no sense and that’s where faith comes in. I quit my job in November 2018. Within a week of quitting, my husband received a raise that covered almost exactly what I was bringing in at Starbucks. God is good. 

Around that same time I also decided to start a YouTube channel called Simply Suitt. It was a platform for me to share all things faith, family and lifestyle. Stepping into that arena was scary. I had minimal knowledge and skill when it came to video making and editing and had never tried my hand at something creative so publicly. The experience of creating content was emotional. It was a season marked by a lot of pruning and lies that I had believed about myself were being uprooted every single day. 

When January 2019 rolled around I had continued praying for direction with school. Since work was no longer a distraction, I really wanted to seek the Lord’s direction for my life. I was an English major, but simply because I needed to pick something. Four years of college and I still didn’t know what I wanted to do. That’s when Holy Spirit prompted me a second time. Only this time it was even scarier. I felt like the Lord was asking me to quit school. Let me give you some perspective: I had been attending since Fall of 2014, I had $16,000 in student loans, I had staff and faculty who really put their necks out for me during some major setbacks. The fear of disappointing others was heavy. Well, again, I did it anyway. If you’re wondering where I got the courage to follow through and quit, I have two words for you. Holy Spirit. There is no way I could’ve stepped out in faith, if the Holy Spirit hadn’t reminded me how much God was faithful when I quit my job only a couple months prior. 

At the beginning of 2019 I found myself jobless and without a degree. Talk about a kick to the ego, amiright? With all this free time on my hands I threw myself into content creation for YouTube and spending time with Jesus. Of course, the story doesn’t end here. You’re probably thinking… yeah but what does this have to do with photography. Well, have you heard of lent? It’s a 40 day fast that leads into Easter Sunday. During this time believers stop a habit or activity they feel the Lord has asked them to give up. This is a way to rely on the Lord more than the thing that they gave up. During lent 2019 I felt my third prompting from the Holy Spirit. This time… to give up YouTube and Instagram. I couldn’t believe it. He was asking me to give up the only thing I was doing besides reading the bible and being a wife. Going into lent that year, I had no idea what God was doing. What I did know was He is always faithful and has never asked me to do something that wasn’t in my best interest. 

I would like to say that going through lent was easy. Turns out that God had a lot of heart work He wanted to do in me during this time. My days were filled with reading His word, praying way more than I ever had and worshipping. In this process, God uprooted lie after lie after lie that the enemy had been using to keep me powerless. I want to share a few of the lies that the Lord brought to light in this season. 

The enemy had me believing I was only worth what money I brought in or what accomplishments I held. God reminded me that my worth cannot be given or taken away. It was established before the creation of time and can only be found in God. The enemy had me believing that what I said had no value and no one wanted to hear it. God reminded me that He made me uniquely me and that no one could bring forth light the way that I could. The enemy kept me silent by telling me that if it wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t worth it. God reminded me that perfection is a mirage and that God cares about the heart of things. 

I wish I could fully describe the freedom that I found in this season. To recognize that you are a child of God and that your identity/worth is given to you by the Creator of the Universe, is the most life changing and empowering truth. It is my prayer that everyone I come in contact with learns this as true for themselves. 

During the last week of lent I was praying and thanking God for the beauty of this season. I was sitting on my couch and worshipping when I heard a whisper “what I have for you is already in front of you.” Now I forgot to mention that right when I quit school a course called the Heart University had come across my path. It was an online course for small businesses, specifically wedding photographers. I strongly felt the Lord ask me to purchase it but it was a hefty price tag and I was out of work. We found out that there was a payment plan and I had a 10% off discount code that made the payment plan the same price in total as buying it in one purchase. Praise God! When I took the course I learned so much about social media marketing, instagram and of course, wedding photography. I finished it before January was even over and thought little about it after that. That is until I heard that little voice.

What I have for you is already in front of you. 

I immediately knew that God was calling me into wedding photography. Nerves and excitement bubbled up as I started to see my future clear as day. Then I thought… I had never owned a camera, had only attended two weddings as an adult (one of them being mine) and I still didn’t have a job or a camera. 

With the craziness of Easter and my delayed honeymoon, it wasn’t until the tail end of May that I got my hands on my first camera and I was off. I got a Canon Rebel SL2 crop sensor camera that came with an 18-55 mm kit lens. There are many more tales of God’s provision and doors He opened, but this is already an overwhelmingly long blog. I will close with this: Reagan Suitt Photos is not simply a wedding photography business. It is a space to celebrate God’s role in marriage and in life. A place to explore creativity and cherish friendship. My dream for this company is to serve and love well everyone that crosses it’s path during the seasons that are so close to my heart. Whether you’re dating, engaged or just married, Reagan Suitt Photos has something for you. 

If you’ve made it all this way, thank you for reading. I hope you feel encouraged to seek God or step out in areas He is already calling you. If you want to learn more about any of the services that Reagan Suitt Photos offer follow here. 


Welcome to Reagan Suitt Photos 

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I’m Reagan Suitt, a Riverside based intimate wedding + elopement photographer, wifey and content creator with a passion for supporting women through the crazy seasons of dating, engagement and marriage.